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About Ungender Insights (Blog)

Gender remains a prominent element of discussion in all streams- personal, professional, social and virtual reality. In addition to this, the reflection of gender and different elements can be seen in media, education, journalism, politics and economy.

Considering the age old conflict between genders that exist in our society, a legal framework was required to govern and monitor how different genders must behave/act/ interact, so that a level playing field can be created for everyone, irrespective of the gender they subscribe to.

In different societies across the world, laws pertaining to gender have been introduced to achieve the above-mentioned objective. However, these laws need to be understood in different contexts which vary in the combination of age, education, profession, industry, society, religion, nation and individual choices.

Ungender Legal Advisory, with focus on gender laws implementation at workplace, is constantly exploring the dimension of gender, laws, its impact and its manifestation on the world around us. Through its initiative, Ungender Insights, we aim to generate educational content through different mediums (articles, podcasts, videos, campaigns among others) and invite curious souls to explore this world with us and contribute to the platform.

Contributions are invited and accepted from students, beyond age and gender, geography and profession. You can reach out to us at contact@ungender.in.

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